Chien-Yen Shabu Shabu (千葉火鍋) [Taoyuan County, Taiwan]

Chien-Yen Shabu Shabu (千葉火鍋) [Taoyuan County, Taiwan]

No.267, Fuxing 1st Rd.,
Guishan Township,
Taoyuan County 333

There are many hot pot buffets all over Taiwan.  This one is situated in Taoyuan County, Taiwan. Bright and clean, this huge buffet has it all.  Everyone is presented with their individual hotpot with several choices for flavors.

Then it’s on to the food.  There are may items to choose from, including a variety of meats and vegetables for the hot pot, and various cooked dishes.  There are also meat carving stations for better quality meats, and a drink station, where they make milk tea, and various other drinks. Every station is packed full of different foods.

Overall the place was great, the soup was flavorful, and the variety of dishes to choose from is excellent. The price is $399NT approximately $13.50 US, includes Tax and Tip.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)