Morimoto Waikiki [Honolulu, Hawaii]

Morimoto Waikiki [Honolulu, Hawaii]

The Modern Honolulu
1775 Ala Moana Blvd
Honolulu, HI 96815

Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant in Honolulu was a great stop to have some delicious Japanese fusion food.  Started off with the Crispy Rock Shrimp Tempura, 2 small portions of fried rock shrimp, one with spicy kochujan sauce, and the other with wasabi aloli.  The shrimp was fried well, had a nice crunch, and the flavors were great, the light wasabi flavor did not overpower the shrimp, and the kochujan sauce was a soft sweet spice.  The shrimp however, was tiny, and the 2 pieces of celery stuck in a small but of ranch was just sad.  The steamed scallops were delicious, covered on top with XO sauce, and scallions.

The Angry Chicken came with 2 sushi pieces and 2 sashimi rolls, a salad with light vinaigrette, miso soup, and the grilled chicken with peppers on top of rice.  It had a light spice.

Chef’s Loco Moto special included the same side dishes with a bowl of wagu beef, an egg, and pickled radish.  The flavors of the beef were good, the beef was soft and tender and flavorful.

Morimoto Special Mini Burgers were average, the burgers had a wasabi mayonnaise, and wasabi dusted fries.  The fries had a light wasabi flavor and were fried to a nice crisp.  The burgers were a little dry.

The Sashimi Combinations and the Sushi Combination had great fresh fish.  The lunch specials however were a bit small, the main dish with rice was the same size as the salad.  Overall, the food was good, the sashimi and sushi is what you should come here for.  Price of the food is a bit high, but you get a great view, relaxing atmosphere, good service and the fact that your eating at Iron Chef Morimoto’s restaurant.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)