Oden Yaki Bistro [San Jose, California]

Oden Yaki Bistro [San Jose, California]

Oden Yaki Bistro
71 Curtner Avenue
San Jose, CA 95125
Tel: 408.663.8366

Japanese and Taiwanese fusion food. This new restaurant has good food and service.  However, prices a a bit high for what you receive.

The assortment of stuffed chicken had great flavoring.  Ranging from kim chi to pork and mushroom stuffed chicken wings.  The fried rice was tasty, the portion is fit for 2 people.  The meat sticks were tasty but with only 2 tiny cubes of meat on a stick, the portions are way too small. The fried noodle wrapped steak on a stick was overly salty.

Overall, this place still needs a little tweaking to make it good.  The prices are $$$ for the size of the dishes.

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