Pho Pasteur [San Jose, California]

Pho Pasteur [San Jose, California]

Pho Pasteur
2481 Berryessa Road
San Jose, CA 95133
Tel: 408.609.3545

A Vietnamese restaurant in a small hidden plaza, behind an AM/PM at the corner for Capital and Berryessa.  The restaurant and tables were clean. The restaurant also sell various drink, such as boba tea.

For the soup noodles, the soup base was good and not too salty.  However, the amount of noodles and meat provided for a large was not great, the portion seemed to be a regular or small with extra soup in a large bowl.   Appetizers of summer rolls, and fried shrimp cake are good.  The spring rolls are made fresh to order, though the wrapper is a little tough.  The shrimp cake was flavorful, being able to taste the actual shrimp from the paste, and the crispiness of the tofu skin was good, the only problem is that the fried shrimp cake was a bit oily.

Overall the noodles are a bit overpriced for the portion amounts, at approximately $8.00 a bowl.  Overall, the food was good, and price, is average.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)