Sushi Tango [Fremont, California]

Sushi Tango [Fremont, California]

Sushi Tango
4193 Cushing Parkway
Fremont, CA 94538
Tel: 510-440-1613

Clean and large Japanese restaurant, unfortunately, everything else was a letdown. We were seated quickly on a holiday weekday, though the place was pretty full.  Having high expectations, we ordered our meal.  Tonkatsu Curry, and Beef Teriyaki and Chicken Teriyaki Combo, and a Spider Roll.  These lunch specials were supposed to be a better pricing then the dinner menu, and their sushi rolls are discounted “40 – 50% off Sushi”  However, they have made their original prices so high, that at 50% off, it’s regular prices of similar Japanese restaurants in the area.

The miso soup that came with the meal was decent.  We then received what appeared to be a plate full of rice, surry, and some small pieces of Tonkatsu.  The curry tasted bland, and the Tonkatsu lacked any seasoning.  The Chicken and Beef Teriyaki were overcooked, and the beef was hard to chew.  The Teriyaki sauce tasted like it was watered down, and looked like it was watered down.  Tasted more like water than Teriyaki.  The salad was good, until you get to the middle, where you realized that the bottom of it is still covered with water, and the dressing is basically washed away.

Spider rolls never arrived, however, it did arrive on the check.

After fixing the check the bill came to be around $21.00.

Rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)