The Kickin’ Crab [San Jose, California]

The Kickin’ Crab [San Jose, California]

The Kickin’ Crab
2675 Cropley Ave
San Jose, CA 95132
Tel: 408.945.0888

Brightly lit, the Kickin’ Crab is a ocean decorated restaurant, clean and friendly.  The small menu is similar to other Cajun restaurants in the area, and offers seafood with a choice of spiciness levels.  The food comes in a bag filled with cajun spices.

The flavors were not overly powerful and much of the food on the top of the bag seemed to lack the full cajun flavor. The flavors on the bottom were light and not too salty.  The shrimp, clams and sausages were good, and the cajun fries were delicious, with strong cajun spices, but not spicy.  The corn however had the taste of frozen corn mush.  To get the mushy corn, it would have been boiled too long or it was actually frozen corn, defrosted too many times.  When biting into the corn, i figure it was the latter, and the inside of the corn was bland, and flavorless, seeming to have not soaked in the flavors.  The deep fried shrimp had an egg roll type wrapping around it and didn’t have much flavor.

The price was fair, expect around $30.00 per person, which is average for a nice seafood restaurant.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)